Awaken the vitality in your organization.
Vital, agile teams are winning teams. They react quickly to change in market conditions and move nimbly from strategy to action. Agile teams require strong leaders who are respected and aligned with highly engaged employees. If you are driving for exceptional results, year over year, you need to build and maintain a strong leadership bench.

Authentic Connections is not for your average organization. We are retained by industry-leading senior executives who value and constantly strive for leadership excellence in themselves and their teams. Our team has the line experience, the deep leadership and change management expertise and the know-how to help you build your leadership bench.

Leadership Architecture: We help you build practical and robust leadership models that reflect your company’s values and business needs, then implement them in ways that they really change how people work.

Actions for Engagement:
Our approach is deeply grounded in the belief and supporting experiences that achieving high levels of employee engagement and commitment is at the heart of sustainable high performance.

Masterful Change: Leaders have the potential to do two fundamental things: Awaken the imagination of employees to greater possibilities and structure the work experience in ways that reinforce what is possible. These actions are the key to driving and sustaining positive change.

Creating the Engaged Organization by Hanley Brite appears as a chapter in the book, Building High Performance People and Organizations, edited by Martha Finney.
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